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Dangeous Dogs

If your dog has been involved in an incident then it is vital that you take advice as early as possible.

Whether the matter is being prosecuted under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or proceeding by way of summons under the Dogs Act 1871 it is still open to the Court to order destruction of the dog. Under the 1991 there is a presumption in favour of destruction.

However, it is possible to avoid the destruction order.  The law was amended in 1997 to allow the Court to consider other orders.  If you want to save your family pet from the destruction order it is vital to act as soon as possible.

Consult one of our experts for further advice. 

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There are many different types of dispute which are resolved through Civil Proceedings.

This is normally in the County Court and sometimes the High Court depending on the value of the claim.

Procedure is complex and it can take some time.

The costs can be prohibitive and it is important to get an assessment of the strength of the case at the earliest opportunity.

We have experts that can help with this problem. Why not ask a question?

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Personal Injury

It is always important to get the correct advice at the early stages of an accident claim whether this be motor, employment or public liability.

For a claim to succeed, liability must not be in dispute and the assessment of damages must be for a figure of more than £1,000.00 as then the solicitor can obtain their costs from the other party as well as the damages.

This is called No Win, No Fee. 

For further advice ask our experts.

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Small Claims Proceedings

Small Claims proceedings normally relate to financial disputes of less than £5,000.00 in value.  

This way a person can take out a summons and sue in the Small Claims Court and not be at risk of having to pay large legal costs if the opponent is represented by solicitors and the case is lost.


In other words, it is to encourage people to take out their own Civil Proceedings personally and without representation.


Need advice then why not ask one of our experts?

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No Insurance Prosecutions

If you are being prosecuted for driving without insurance then it may genuinely be nothing you have done.

Driving without insurance is an offence of strict liability allowing Courts no discretion.

It may be that your insurance company has cancelled your policy in error and not informed you and you would still commit an offence by driving at that time.

However you can sometimes still avoid the addition of points to your licence by making an application to the Court that it would be unfair to impose them.

Consult one of our experts today to find out how that can be done.

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Removal from Disqualification.

If you have been disqualified from driving for a long period of time then it is possible to apply for it's removal.

There is a difference between having a legal right to make an application and having a good case for that application to be granted however.

Being disqualified from driving can be economically devastating and it can be tempting to make an application to the Courts in the hope it will be granted.

To do so where your application is without merit would be a case of throwing good money after bad.

Consult one of our experts today to see if your have a chance to be removed from disqualification and have your driving licence returned.

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Restraining Orders

If you are the subject of a restraining order for domestic violence, assault etc. imposed by a criminal Court then you may genuinely have done nothing wrong at all.

The new laws allow Courts to make these orders even if a person is acquitted of the offence.

You can apply for their removal.

If the person that the order prevents you from contacting is making efforts to contact you then you should apply for the removal of this order in order to protect yourself from further prosecutions.

Consult one of our experts today to find out how this can be done.

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Local Council Parking Fines

If you have had a parking fine issued by one of the local Councils then you have the right to appeal it.  Most appeals are won by the motorist.

There are a large number of contraventions but most of them are open to challenge and you may avoid parking fines.

The Council have the burden of proof.

An in-depth knowledge of the requirements that the Council have to meet can only improve your chances of success.

Find out how best to put the Council to proof by consulting one of our experts todayand appealing parking fines.

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Drink Driving

If you've been charged with drink driving then you need to seek reliable advice as soon as possible.

A conviction for even the most minor drink drive offence will lead to a mandatory disqualification for 12 months.

Sometimes the case against you is capable of challenge.

Sometimes you can avoid disqualification by arguing special reasons apply.

Consult one of our experts today.

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Notice of Intended Prosecution

Have you received a Notice of Intended Prosecution?

A speeding offence even in it's most minor form carries 3 points and a fine of £60.

There will be further costs as this will need to be declared to your insurers who will increase your premium.

After you accumulate 12 points in three years you are liable to a driving disqualification for 6 months.

It is essential that you take advice.

Sometimes there are flaws with the case against you and you can ethically avoid liability and protect your licence.

Why not consult one of our experts today?

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Driving Test

If you are teaching your son or daughter to drive and are unsure about what is required for the driving test.

Or if you are taking one of the advanced driving tests and want advice on the higher standards expected.

Submit your question to a qualified advanced instructor.

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Sale of Goods Act

Secondhand Cars

The purchase of a second hand motor vehicle is a double edged sword.

Motor vehicles that are brand new present depreciation issues for the buyer.

Some second hand motor vehicles are fantastic value for money but it is essential that the buyer understands their legal rights especially when buying a used car from a private seller.

If you find that you have purchased a second hand car with faults even of a minor kind there is action that you can take.

It is essential that you act correctly from the outset however. Inaction or incorrect action can void the entire procedure and cause you to lose any redress. 

Correct guidance must be given at the earliest opportunity.

Consult one of our experts for further assistance. 

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Escaping a Timeshare

If you now regret buying a timeshare and are trying to sell your timeshare or even just want to get rid of a timeshare then you are not alone.

The maintenance fees can spiral out of control and there is often little that can be done to stop the rising cost of these contracts.

They can be hard to escape if you are trying to get rid of a timeshare.

If you fail to pay you face the risk that the timeshare company will simply sue and try to enforce the debts against your assets.

There are options that you can explore to improve your position under a timeshare.

None of them hold a magic wand but they are better than inaction.

If you would like more information, consult one of our experts today.

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Music Downloads

If you have been accused of illegal music downloads it is imperative that you assess their evidence very carefully before paying.

Often there is little or no evidence to prove that what is being alleged.

You should not contact the company or make any offers at all until you are confident that what is alleged can be proven against you.

If you need to consider your position, consult one of our experts today.

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Privacy Laws

If you are concerned at the growth of CCTV footage and the invasion of privacy in the UK then that is a common worry.

It has been long noted that we are becoming a Big Brother state.

There are no laws that protect individuals on invasion of privacy specifically in the UK yet.

The law has traditionally required a relationship of confidentiality to exist before there can be any action taken for breach.

However, the Human Rights Act may develop a tort or privacy.  Act 8 provides for respect for private and family life.

If you would like more information on privacy issues, consult one of our experts today. 

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A bailiff visit is a distressing experience.  It is generally unexpected and can cause costs to spiral out of control.  

It is important to take simple preventative measures to protect yourself and your property.  Failing to do so will play into the bailiffs hands.

If you have already paid the bailiff charges then there is action that you can take which will recover your fees and allow you to claim compensation. 

If you would like more advice on bailiffs please consult one of our experts today.  

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This is a serious matter as a bankrupt would have to give up any possessions of value together with the interest in any jointly owned property.

It almost certainly involves the closure of any business run by the insolvent employer and the dismissal of any employees.

Restrictions can also be imposed on a bankrupt person by the Official Receiver or the Trustee in Bankruptcy.  

Declaring bankruptcy is not the only option as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) can be created whereby monthly repayments are made towards the debts.

Correct bankruptcy advice  needs to be given at the earliest opportunity as there are many aspects to consider when declaring bankruptcy.

Why not consult one of our experts today?

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Getting divorced is an emotive subject and generally ranks as one of the most stressful times of a persons life.

When coping with divorce it is so easy to lose track of the real issues when emotions take over.  

It is important therefore to have advice at the earliest stage in respect of the following, which is not an exhaustive list:-


1. Grounds for Divorce;


2. Arrangements for children;


3. Financial issues;


4. Divorce settlements.


It is important also to distinguish between unmarried relationships and that of a civil partnership, which are treated distinctly.  


Property disputes often occur between unmarried couples which again need to be the subject of early expert advice.


In too may cases parties look to achieve a quick and amicable settlement without proper divorce advice and very often to their detriment.


For further advice why not ask one of our Experts.

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Property & Conveyancing

Any involvement in property purchase is likely to be the most expensive transaction undertaken in one's life.  This is why it is important to have accurate conveyancing advice. People tend to think that it is easy but it is not.  There are so many pitfalls and so much technical jargon.

Matters can arise such as:-


(r)    Rights of way;


(r)    Covenants;


(r)    Easements;


(r)    Land Registry procedure.


There is also differences between Tenancy in Common and Joint Tenants in respect of joint ownership.  All of these matters are important to you and prompt advice will be beneficial.


Our Experts are available to help you with any Property or Conveyancing problems that you may have.


Ask your question in the box on the left.

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Landlord & Tenant

Different rules apply to commercial properties as distinct from residential properties.

The normal agreement for a residential property is an Assured Short-hold Tenancy Agreement (AST)  This contains all the rights and obligations of the tenant and also of the landlord.  It also provides for the notice periods and for repossession of the property.


In this rapid day and age people tend to just sign any document that is put before them without taking advice and this site can guide you in the best possible way whether you are the landlord or the tenant. 


Our legal experts are here to advise you, ask your question via the box on the left.

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Wills & Probate

It is so easy to draw a Will incorrectly and that is why it is important to have legal advice.

The Will has to be a certain format and correctly signed and witnessed at the very least.

Complications can arise if the Will is declared invalid and the rules of Intestacy take over which are complex.  

Consideration also has to be given to inheritance tax and the subsequent distribution of the Estate.  

One of our experts will be able to guide you in this field so contact us today.

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Appealing Parking Fines

Private Land Companies parking tickets are unenforceable.

We can show you many parking fine loopholes but none offer the same opportunity to beat parking fines as the private land fine.

These fines are not issued for a parking offence.  

Private parking companies have no more right to punish you for the manner of your parking than any of your neighbours do.

Only the police, the local council and various other officials have the power to levy fines upon an individual.

If you want to know more about contesting private parking fines ask one of our Experts in the box on the left.

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Our Experts

Ask our qualified experts any question that you like about their field.  We have lawyers, medical experts and financial experts as well as many others.

They are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year at economical prices.

Pest Control

25 years experience, British Pest Controlled Association trained (BPSA).

Plain speaking practical advice on resolving situations before incurring high street expense.

Rodents - Insects - Birds - Proofing of buildings - Commercial - Industrial - Domestic - General pest control advice.

Martial Arts

For answers to all your fitness related questions ask our expert personal trainer and nutritionalist.

Whether your question is about how to start out or how to shed those last few pound.

Need help with what diet would be best for you?


We have qualified accountants with a combined total of over 80 years experience. Whether your question is as a sole trader or partnership where we specialise in self assessment and personal taxation or you are a small company where we specialise in payroll, statutory accounts and corporation tax.
Even if you just want tax advice as an employee we can help. No problem is too small.


Health Expert

We have qualified medical experts available twenty four hours a day.
They can answer your questions for an economical price.  

Your question will not be visible to the public but only to experts and site administrators. 

If you are worried about something or just want a second opinion, contact our experts

Solicitor / Barristers

Our law experts are here to answer any questions on the following subjects:-

Contract, General Litigation, Property, Probate, Wills, Intestate, Crime, Family Law, Debt, Bailiffs, Traffic, Employment, Commercial, Dog Law, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury. 

Muscle Mass/Suppliments

Looking to gain muscle mass?
Not sure what supplements or foods would be best?

Answers to all your suppliment and nutritional questions by our ex Body Building Champion. One of the top suppliers of nutritional products throughout the UK.



Qualified Gemmologist - FGA registered with the Gemmological Assoc GB. Preparation of reports following visits to clients on the instructions of Insurance Companies, Loss Assessors and Solicitors, Expert Witness.

All matters jewellery related. 
Jewellery Sales, Repairs & Design-Manufacture.

Driving Expert

The UK driving test is one of the hardest in the world.

The Driving Standards Agency is continually improving the test and this can lead to confusion, especially if you choose to teach a learner driver without hiring an approved driving instructor.

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